What do you get when you take a couple guys with an absolutely pathological love of Star Trek–ORIGINAL Trek, too…none of that “Voyager” or “Enterprise” garbage”–and have them duke it out in the truest Trek fashion for the love of a girl who turns out to be a lot more than anyone gave her credit for?

You get “Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!!” the hyperbole-laced title that gives us way too sharp a glimpse into the lives of guys who’s lives are defined by fictional characters.

And what a glimpse it is. From Trek / Wars rivalry–I had to rewind the first time I heard a pack of Sith-lord-wannabes toting plastic red lightsabers tell a blue shirt with Vulcan ears “We told you to stay out of our Pizza Hut, Trekkie!”– to the vaguely-sad-for-several-reasons inevitability of a sorority Yoko breaking up the crew, all the horror and the heartbreak and even some of the hilarity of young adulthood with a mildly arrested development is in play and in full view.

God help us all.

It makes an especially large load of sense that this was a feature at Comiccon 07–where else would you find an audience so ready to understand every dynamic at work here? There’s a distinct possibility that all of this has happened to somebody out in that audience before. Well, most of it anyway.

With content that’s so readily identifiable, if you’re any kind of SF geek at all, you’re going to understand exactly what’s going on here. Like it or not, you’ll understand “Orion Slave Girls Must Die!!!”. Though with that understanding, you may or may not like what you see. I did. But then, I’m really more of a Deep Space Nine kind of guy.

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