By Admin | July 13, 1998

Brilliant … hilarious … ground-breaking … innovative … genius … These are words that will never be used to describe Trey Parkers “Boogie Nights”-esque comedy, “Orgazmo.” In its opening, we are introduced to our lead, Joe Young (Trey Parker). Joe is an eager, yet naive Morman (moron also applies) who stumbles upon a porn shoot. When slimy director, Maxxx Orbison (Michæl Dean Jacobs) witnesses his martial arts prowess, he is instantly cast as the title character, Captain Orgazmo. With his financial needs barely outweighing his moral beliefs, he decides that the Captain Orgazmo role is just too good to pass up. The wackiness that unfolds is boring, ridiculous and, to most, offensive.
With such gratingly campy characters as “the sushi-serving, jive-talking, Asian restaurant owner” or “the gay production assistant”, “Orgazmo” dares you to laugh. Now don’t get me wrong, there is such a thing as “good camp”, “Orgazmo” is just not a good example. After viewing the film I now yearn for funny, well written, realistic characters, like those of the great writers of today… Joe Eszterhas, Dean Devlin and Eric Schæffer.

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