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By Doug Brunell | March 26, 2005

This short film starts out as a romance and gradually turns into a horror film. That’s about all the information I’m going to give away because the change was handled so adroitly that I would be doing the film a disservice by revealing anything else. Where most directors would go for the throat, director/writer Rowe takes a more subtle route that serves the picture well. That praise does come with a few footnotes, however.

“Open Road” is not a perfect film. At times, its budget shows (e.g., the makeup effects come from a kit), and its actors and dialogue could use some work. That said, it is easy to see that in time Rowe will produce some incredible work. At this early stage of his career, I can honestly say I want to see everything he does. If he flubs the next one, so be it. But my guess is that he’ll only get better.

No, this isn’t the best horror movie ever made — not even close.
But it is a promise of brilliant things to come.

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