By admin | October 5, 1998

Much in the same vein as Sidney Lumet’s “Q&A” and “Serpico,” this gritty crime-drama paints a stark portrait of a tough New York City police officer who bucks hypocrisy and conformity within his department. Stephen Baldwin plays the stubborn S.O.B. juiced up on self righteous integrity in order to solve the savage rape of a nun. Of course it doesn’t hurt that he’s childhood buddies with mobsters who lend their muscle (literally) to help crack the case. Then there’s Baldwin’s partner (Chris Penn), sauced on the booze and into the mob for a big gambling bill. The drama is flammable with tension, but when it’s revealed –at the end — that the events surrounding Baldwin’s non-fictional cop are made up by a team of writers, the film loses its teeth and its credibility.

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