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By Rory L. Aronsky | April 3, 2005

A musical is what’s needed to keep Star Wars alive. Try anything once. A holographic Star Wars musical on Broadway stages in New York. A full-fledged feature Star Wars musical in movie theaters. Who’s to say that Star Wars fans will shy away from it? However this will pan out in the future, Timothy Edward Smith, Hunter Nolen and the powerfully-voiced Michael Gott need to be there. All three of them are responsible for “One Season More”, one of the finest Star Wars fan films ever that reaches above and beyond the emotions of the movies. Through Luke Skywalker’s (Michael Gott) sung feelings of not wanting to remain where he is, to reach higher and farther than his life would take him on Tatooine, a new high has been reached here.

The computer animation, the far-reaching camera moves, everything here comes together so perfectly that Timothy Edward Smith and Hunter Nolen definitely have a future somewhere. If George Lucas would let them, they could easily stretch his franchise out into something majestic, something that resonates deep within our souls, a musical for our time and all time. Heck, they could even make the concept of singing Ewoks work hilariously. There’s a bunch of Three Stooges parodies waiting restlessly in that clan.

There’s a new Star Wars future in here and it’s time to make it happen. You three, get to work!

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