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By Doug Brunell | May 11, 2005

This short film is inspired by an Internet tale (as reliable as they tend to be) and centers on a young waitress (Darcy Mae Wright) who is working the lunch shift at a busy diner. One of her customers is a little boy (Dakota Whidden) who wants a bowl of ice cream. What follows would be emotional and uplifting if you didn’t see it coming from a mile away, which is also a problem I had with writer/director Doug Shutte’s other film “11th Hour.”

I never heard of this Internet tale (sagely called “Remember Those Who Serve”), and frankly it sounds made up (though not necessarily by Shutte). I’m also curious as to why anyone would make a film of it. I suppose one could look at the positive side of things and say that it is a showcase for the talent of the two stars, but they really need to be in a better, less predictable movie. Touching as it is, “One Dollar Difference” is too heartwarming for its own good.

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