“One” is an impressive indie film for quite a few reasons. First of all, it uses over 3,000 costumed extras — a nice departure from the standard “my best friend, his girlfriend, and my neighbor” casting favored by so many start-up filmmakers.
Secondly, “One” has over 450 digital effects laced throughout, which gives even some heavy hitter in-theater features a run for their (big budget) money. And, the film was lensed at diverse locations like NASA, nuclear power plants, cathedrals, and underground tunnels.
But the real reason “One” is such a standout is that it did all of the above on a budget of less than $20,000, and in Cleveland, Ohio, no less. In most films, that’ll get you Erik Estrada and a fog machine. If you want a taste of what “One” is all about, you can catch the trailer at the one and only [ “One” website. ]

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