So, I am going to Bermuda tomorrow to cover the Bermuda International Film Festival. I am more than excited (as I will be travelling to a new land I have yet to visit and I will be hittin’ up the festival scene) but I have yet to prepare myself for the journey.

I haven’t packed one single thing yet. Guess I have a busy night ahead of me…

As far as their lineup is concerned, they have some goods. The thing I am most excited about is Park’s Lady Vengeance. It’s playing this Saturday, so look for a review coming soon. Also, there is a screening of Shumaker’s Falling Down with a special Q and A with Michael Douglas afterwards. Now, I like that film, but of all the Michael Douglas movies to have a Q and A for, they picked that one? Ah well, I am still excited. Remind me to thank Don Lewis for this exciting opportunity (thanks Don)… I am going to be one festival’d mo-fo these next two weeks. Bermuda this week coming, then I dive into the Florida Film Festival the minute I get back for another week of fun. The only real problem I face is that I am going to miss the season finale of The Shield; all of its 90-minute glory. It’s being tapped though, thanks the wacky inventor of the DVR. Look out for upcoming blogs on my adventures in Bermuda. Should be a good time. See you in the sun.

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  1. martin says:

    Florida FF Shorts Program #4 is excellent. S&M lesbians, a blonde in a lucha libre mask, “new boobs” and a Third Man thing with Vincent D’Onofrio as Orson Welles…..

  2. Michael Neel says:

    Wow I’m jealous. It’s 30 degrees in Boston right now…

    Sounds like a lot of fun. Enjoy the sun & surf (and I won’t post any spoilers about The Shield, I promise)

  3. Pete says:

    Have fun, you bastard. Make sure to ask Michael plenty of question about Brad and Angelina. It appears to be his favorite subject.

    And hey, it could’ve been Jewel of the Nile.

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