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By Scott Knopf | January 19, 2009

Sometimes an omelette is much more than an omelette. In Koseva’s film “Omelette,” the egg dish represents a variety of emotions which range from hope to despair and from satisfaction to aggravation. Our protagonist just wants to make some breakfast. But in a time where inflation raises food prices and fluctuates exchange rates on the hour, maybe breakfast is too much to ask for. The lead actress, Svetla Tsotsorkova, carries the entire film on her shoulders and does so without hesitation. Her acting style is subtle and her eyes demand attention. Even with a running time of only five minutes, it takes much less than that to feel a connection with the main character.

Bulgarian production company AgitPROP, backed this powerful short. The film is a selection from part of an omnibus series from Budapest. This anthology of films varies in style but relates in theme. According to a AgitPROP, “Omelette” is one of “15 short films by 15 renowned contemporary Bulgarian filmmakers dedicated to 15 years of the transition period in Bulgaria.” The parallels between Bulgaria’s transition period and the economic turmoil currently occurring across the globe cannot be avoided. With oil prices preparing to skyrocket, major retail companies shutting down, and the unemployment rates steadily increasing, “Omelette” serves as a sign of times to come, a time when breakfast may be too much to ask for.

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