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By Doug Brunell | June 17, 2004

A horror movie, especially one about the ghost of a serial killer, had better have a few jolts in it. If it doesn’t, it’s about as scary as a CBS made-for-TV movie. Enter “Old Man,” where “terror has a new face.”

No it doesn’t.
Terror now has another lame entry with a tired story about a young couple (Erika Stone and Jason Kulas) who buy a house where years ago a serial killer did what serial killers do. But there’s a catch! The serial killer
is long since dead, and now his spirit haunts the house. (And by spirit, I mean a guy wearing an old man mask who pops up in doorways and whatnot.)
If any credit must be given to this film, it’s for the fairly decent opening scene. It’s not very bloody, and it’s fairly typical, but it does provide a few tense moments and is well-handled. The rest of the movie couldn’t keep up that momentum, though. I’d like to say better luck next time, but director/writer McConnell may be better off tackling a different genre. Horror — or terror — just isn’t his bag.

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