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By Admin | February 29, 2000

You can soak your salad in oil and vinegar dressing at any salad bar. Yet in this cute animated operatic tragedy by Mike Blum, these same salad dressing components are behaving more like oil and water. A bottle of vegetable oil, distraught at being alone, weeps its contents all over a kitchen counter…until he spies a curvaceous bottle of vinegar. It is, as they say, love at first sight. The two lovers, drawn by an overwhelming mutual attraction, approach each other like paramours in a romance novel — until vinegar slips on her mate’s oily tears with tragic results. Okay, it ain’t exactly Romeo and Juliet. Still, Blum’s simple and cute twist on the Bard’s classic tale of star-crossed lovers does the trick, providing an instantly recognizable theme, then getting out of the way so this enchanting film’s beautiful animation can weave its spell. Pass the croutons, please.

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