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By Film Threat Staff | April 24, 2002

If you’re anxiously counting down the days until Scooby-Doo opens nationwide on June 14th, 2002, then calm down and head over to the newly-launched official website to check out the exclusive film features, including bio pages for everyone in the gang, trailers, message boards, a trivia section and a Mystery Mobile’s worth of other cool stuff to keep you happily occupied.
The most potentially entertaining section on the site should be the Scooby-Talk Translator, located in the Shaggy and Scooby bio page. Here’s our translation…judge for yourself how Scooby-riffic the results are:
Film Threat says: ^ Talking like Scooby can be really lame.
The Translator says: ^ Talking like Rooby-Roo can be really lame. Rooby-Rooby-Doo!
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