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By Mark Bell | May 23, 2007

One of the joys of being a part of Film Threat is seeing it grow and change, year in and year out. From Back Talk to video podcasts to blogs, Film Threat has been anything but stagnant. The improvements continue, with the announcement of mobile-friendly Film Threat, a certain unreal review milestone and more.

That’s right, wonderful readers of Film Threat, we’ve got a mobile-friendly site just for you and your cellphone. Most cellphones will automatically be re-directed to the mobile-friendly layout but, if not, you can always just use the URL.

As you can imagine, it’s a much simpler look (fewer graphics, text-intensive, etc), but for quick navigation while out and about, it’s dead-on. Need to search for an old review, headline or story? Simple, expand the ‘About’ link at the top of the mobile page and the search field is there for you in all its glory.

One of the awesome side perks of the site being mobile-friendly is that it also wound up being perfectly Nintendo Wii-friendly as well. What does this mean? Simply, if you’ve got a Nintendo Wii and you’re browsing the internet with it, you can get all your movie news and reviews straight from us with a simple interface. Tell your Wii-loving friends and family, Film Threat is Wii-friendly at!

Two weekends ago, Film Threat hit a movie review milestone by posting its 10,000th review. Now, forget for a second that the 10,000th film reviewed on Film Threat was “Delta Farce” (proof of both our dedication and the sheer perils of our job) and think about what that number means: since Film Threat made the transition from magazine to website in 1996, it has run 10,000 reviews. To break it down further, FT is averaging about 909 reviews a year, or about 2 features and a short per day (that’s my interpretation of about 2.49 films/day). If that number seems small to you, think of it this way: on top of feature stories, interviews, videos, blogging, festival coverage and film news coverage, we’re also seeing at least 2 films a day EVERY DAY!

Even more important than the quantity of the reviews is the quality of the writing and the type of films we’re reviewing. For every “Shrek the Third,” there’s a “Utopian Society,”, “Why Must I Be a Zombie in Love?” or “Mr. Reaper’s Very Bad Morning.” We at Film Threat care about the true independent film, and we champion great films period, whether they’re a $10 indie shot on an old VHS camcorder or a multimillion dollar mainstream film. If you’re a filmmaker and you’ve got a film you want reviewed, send it on! We’re ready and waiting, we have a daily quota to reach, afterall.

I know how hard it is to keep up with all your favorite sites, and I’m also one who subscribes to the “homepage overloaded with rss feeds” mentality. There’s few things as nice as loading the browser in the morning and having all the film, sports and world news I’m interested in waiting for me on one page. To that end, I’d like to assist all you other rss-loving media junkies out there by offering up the latest rss feed from Film Threat, Film Threat Reviews.

Simply, the most up-to-date listing of the last 15 reviews on the site for you to peruse daily, anywhere you’ve got a feedreader. For you filmmakers wondering if your film has been reviewed (I know, I know, we’re sorry), monitoring the feed is pretty simple. See the title of the film, a brief teaser of the review and then, if you’re so inclined, click-on for the full review here on at Film Threat. Sound good?

Here’s the links to all our current RSS feeds:

This update concludes with promises and admissions. We at Film Threat promise more advances and improvements over the Summer and Fall (we never sleep, it seems) and I’m pretty psyched with what we’ll be rolling out. However, I do need to admit to being human, and let you know that as we announce these tweaks and changes to the site, there’s likely going to be a bug or two that you, the reader, will come across. To that end, drop us an email or post in Back Talk to let us know how we can improve things, and we’ll get on it.

If this story seems like I’m bragging, well, I am. I’m proud of Film Threat, where it is going, where it has come from, and you should be too. For you, the reader, are a part of this as well. You want passionate film coverage, and we’re here to give you what you want! Don’t ever change…

– Mark Bell, Editor-in-Joy

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