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By Eric Campos | July 6, 2004

“Of Bass and Men” focuses on college buddies Willie and Richie, keeping their noses glued top the textbooks and their brains locked on their studies. Boring, yes I know, but then Willie decides to take after the Dead Milkmen and starts drinking bleach with the local hillbillies, melting his brain and turning into a hillbilly himself.

The relationship between Willie and Richie falls apart not only because of Willie’s bleach drinking self-retardation, but because Willie has found a new best friend – singing sensation Big Mouth Billy Bass. Billy soon takes over Willie’s life, not only singing “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” to him, but also reminding him to take care of his daily chores like doing the laundry, dressing up like a panda bear and dancing for him and kicking a hippie’s a*s.

After witnessing Willie kill a store clerk with a Cool Catfish, another sea faring singing sensation, Richie knows it’s time for an intervention. So he pays a visit to Willie’s shack only to find it jam packed with an army of singing and wiggling Billy Bass. A nightmarish image for sure and Richie knows that this intervention must conclude with Willie’s death.

As imaginatively outrageous as the story is, it’s the performances by the entire cast that really make this film. It’s obvious that the Brookens Brothers, as well as the rest of their cast, enjoy making each other laugh and thankfully they’re kind enough to share the goods. This is one of the funniest shorts I’ve seen all year.

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