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By Scott Knopf | November 19, 2011

What happens when a group of Beautiful People accept a ride from a couple of Rednecks in a Winnebago?  If you’re watching Nowhere Road, a short horror film from Benjamin Dynice, then you just might be in for a surprise.  Part of the surprise is that this little indie is extremely well-made. 

The clear cinematography is only outshined by the fantastic sound work (complete with disgusting hack and slash sound effects).  The film is succinct, tightly edited and riveting from the first frame until the last.  Even the acting, which is usually where these short scare flicks fall short, is noteworthy. 

While they’re certainly playing to genre types, the two men who play Chet and Bernie (Matt Lasky and Sean Naughton, respectively) never come off as clichéd in their portrayals of the mountain lion-hunting, drawl-inflected good ‘ol boys.  And as the story begins to reveal its twists and turns, their characters are given the chance to shine in a different light and the strengths of the script really begin to come through. 

While Nowhere Road is sure to draw some comparisons to another Beautiful People vs. Rednecks movie, Dynice’s film sticks strictly to the scares and that’s where it succeeds.

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