By Film Threat Staff | January 22, 2001

Steven Dunning’s amazing indie “Now Chinatown” is gaining buzz both here and abroad — the film has been invited to the [ 25th Annniversary Hong Kong Film Festival ] in April and will also be honored at the [ Moxie Awards ] in Los Angeles, which run from [ February 14th to the 19th, 2001. ]
“Now Chinatown” was written, directed, and produced by Steven Dunning. The film centers on the story of Lee, an artistic young woman who is practically a slave at the run-down Chinatown restaurant where she works. Totally misunderstood by her bitter aunt and the callous restaurant owner, she dreams of living beyond the confines of her very small world. When she meets a kind customer who stands up for her when no one else will, she begins to realize what it’ll take to break free.
“Now Chinatown” won the Grand Jury Prize and Audience Choice Award at the New York International Independent Film Festival, and was the Best Picture Winner at the Long Island Film Festival. For more on “Now Chinatown,” see the [ film website. ]

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