It’s doubtful that you’ve got the means to pop on over to Krakow, Poland next week for the 4th Annual Euro Underground Film Festival, which will run from [ October 25th ] to [ October 28th, 2000 ] , but their cinematic and special event line-up is worth noting.
Festival highlights include “My Country (For Internal Use Only)” by director Goran Radovaovic. “Country” look at the explosive situation in the Balkans and the factors that have contributed to its current state — extreme poverty, corruption, ethnic cleansing, and NATO aggression. Also on the bill is director James Fotopolous’ “Migrating Forms,” the tale of an obsessive sexual relationship gone weirdly out of control.
The Underground will also unreel a special “Spotlight on Polish Cinema” event, as well as go live with a number of underground bands. To keep an eye on the Euro Underground, go to the [ the Festival website. ]

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