By Admin | March 5, 2006

Ang Lee is the first non-white filmmaker to win the Best Director Oscar.

“Crash” as Best Picture?  Well, I guess Hollywood was afraid of a red state backlash if “Brokeback Mountain” won.  Go figure.

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  1. Peter Alfano says:

    Funny how people felt comfortable voting for a nasty racist-based movie. Hollywood is ridiculously homophobic still–but don’t look too close at the partners of those executives. They’re the same sex!!! Bunch of hypocrits….

  2. Sean Davidson says:

    What red state backlash would that be? Would we have had to boycott the Oscars next year? Stop watching movies altogether? I didn’t get that memo; Bubba must not have forwarded it yet.

    Since when has Hollywood given a s**t about what anyone outside their own little bubble cares about. There wouldn’t have been rioting in the streets if a “gay” movie had won. Just like Crash, nobody would’ve given a s**t ten minutes after the ceremony ended.

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