The Resfest Digital Film Festival extols digital film in a nationwide film festival that features movie premieres, screenings, panel discussions and state-of-the-art technology demos. Founded in 1996, Resfest was the very, very first festival to focus on the then-newer art of digital filmmaking.
This year’s Resfest begins in San Francisco on September 7th before hitting Seattle for September 14th through the 17th, then it paddles the Atlantic for dates in London before heading back to the U.S.
Gary Winick’s “Sam the Man” will open the festivities. A tale of an angsty writer who likes hot chicks, it features a killer cast headed by Fisher Stevens (who, sadly, did do “Super Mario Bros.”) and “Coyote Ugly’s” very own barmaid Maria Bello. Rob Morrow, Luis Guzman, and Annabella Sciorra flesh out the ensemble.
The animated delight “Wave Twisters” by Eric Henry and Syd Garon will close things up. If you can imagine hip-hop, sci-fi and kung-fu grappling with Hanna-Barbera-style animation, then you’ve got the gist. DJ QBert’s original turntable piece, of the same name no less, accompanies the film.
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