By Chris Gore | December 27, 2002

Noemi Zeigler, aka Madeline Minx of the band PUSHY, has created a very personal debut film. “I always knew from a very young age that I wanted to be the female Woody Allen,” she says. “I envisioned writing, directing and acting in my own comedies. I’d be a neurotic Lucille Ball, but with a perverted sexpot twist.”

Zeigler may have achieved her dream with her short Get Pushy. This highly personal documentary reveals a woman beset with personal problems in a relentless pursuit of fame. It’s Zeigler’s own revealing story and it’s filled with triumph, tragedy and humor. But it’s not her first foray into filmmaking. “In sixth grade, I made my own slide show of the solar system for extra credit,” Zeigler reveals. “I drew the slides myself, and recorded the voice over. It was my first film. In college, I got into Jesus Christ Superstar, where I played a prostitute and sang in the chorus with Lucy Liu — see the scene in my film. Finally, I took a film class about Ingmar Bergman which inspired me to either make the most beautiful black and white films the world has ever seen, or to kill myself. I chose the latter, but it didn’t work. So I majored in film.”

I caught up with Zeigler for this intimate interview as she lounged fully nude on her bed…

Get the interview in part two of NOEMI GETS PUSHY>>>

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