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By Film Threat Staff | December 20, 2001

Year five of the Nodance Film Festival kicks off in the now infamous mall on Main Street. Films and festivities takes place January 11th-18th, 2002 and the line-up is an eclectie one at that. Rounding out the competition documentaries is Dan Poole’s “The Making Of The Green Goblin’s Last Stand.” Film Threat readers may remember the amazing Dan Poole interview from last year detailing how his home-made, underground “Spider-Man” movie became a cult hit. The documentary about the film is even more enthralling and will make its premiere to Park City audiences soon. The list of films we received from Nodance festival chief Jim Boyd is preliminary, but should give you a taste of what you can expect at perhaps the best digital festival not only in Park City, but in the United States. Here’s the preliminary line-up:
COMPETITION FEATURES ^ “Down on Brighton” (dir. Barry Shurchin) ^ “” (dir. Raoul W. Heimrich) ^ “Hip, Edgy, Sexy, Cool” (dir. Robert B. Martin & Aaron Priest) ^ “Lucky” (dir. Steve Cuden) ^ “Resin” (dir. Vladamir Gyorski)
COMPETITION SHORTS ^ “Gamblin'” (dir. Wayne Orkline) ^ “The Last Race” (dir. Alex Ranarivelo) ^ “It’s A Shame About Ray” (Ajay Sahgal) ^ “The Newman Shower” (dir. Danny Passman) ^ “Welcome To Purgatory” (dir. Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly)
COMPETITION DOCUMENTARIES ^ “Bang The Machine” (dir. Tamara Katepoo) ^ “The Making Of The Green Goblin’s Last Stand” (dir. Dan Poole) ^ “What Are You Going To Do For Toilet Paper” (dir. Ben Thompson & John Grishin)
DV FIRST (non-competition features) ^ “Cold Sweat” (dir. Eric Mirich) ^ “Sweetie Pie” (dir. K. Asher Levin) ^ “Taken” (dir. Jeromy Cesena)
SHORT FILM PROGRAM #1 ^ “Bad Credit & Aliens” (dir. Michael Bond) ^ “Fast Forward” (dir. Brad Furman) ^ “Last Chance” (dir. Bill Boatman) ^ “Lincoln & 31st” (dir. Damien Caldwell) ^ “Stash” (dir. Kirsten Elms)
SHORT FILM PROGRAM #2 ^ “Dead Stars” (dir. Adi Amit) ^ “Jeffery’s Hollywood Screen Trick” (dir. Todd Downing) ^ “Legends of Show Business” (dir Mark W. Gray) ^ “Refrigerator Art: My Family” (dir. Michael Dougherty) ^ “Sylvia” (dir. Trevin Matcek) ^ “Walk” (dir. Jeff Drew)
MUSIC VIDEOS ^ (tba by Dec. 24th) ^ *(Preliminary ND5 lineup subject to change. Lineup not complete)
Get more info at the official No Dance Film Festival web site.
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