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By Film Threat Staff | September 15, 2000

From [ January 20th to the 26th, 2001 ] , the Nodance Film and Multimedia Festival will kick and scream and holler and jump around Park City, and your film can be a part of the hoopla. Send in your shorts, features, and music videos by [ November 18th, 2000 ] and cross your fingers that you can get in on the revelry.
Last year, Nodance brought in “swelling” crowds and all kinds of media coverage, including the inquisitive folk over at CNN, Time, and WIRED magazine. Lots of exposure for the Fest can mean lots of exposure for you, too. And don’t forget that competition films are eligible for the Grand Jury and Audience Awards, and the most original guerilla marketing campaign on the mountain gets the coveted Golden Orb award! For all things Nodance, go to [ the Nodance site ] and marvel at its new, re-vamped look.

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