It’s finally come to this and what a better way to end all of this squabbling that’s been going on for over a week now. Instead of letting the Academy take away his Oscar, just as a recently erected online petition calls for, Michael Moore has decided to give up his Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.
Saying, “I had not planned on winning an Academy Award for Bowling for Columbine,” on his website, perhaps this isn’t such a shocking move by the controversial, and as many proclaim – ill-informed, filmmaker, especially due to all of the flak he’s been catching since that Oscar hit his sweaty palm. At the time of this writing, the online petition to take away Moore’s Oscar has reached 1169 votes, movie buffs all over the web are questioning his journalistic and filmmaking integrity, we’ve received plenty of positive notes from readers in regards to the Fictitious Truths of Michael Moore story we ran last week, and our recent poll asking whether Moore’s award should be taken away or not started out with most readers voting “yes,” but at the time of this writing, the count is: 32% – “yes,” and 67% – “no.” Looks like there’s love for Moore out there after all.
Moore’s not giving up his award without a say in the matter as to who gets it, however. At his website, he’s made it very clear as to who he intends to deliver the Academy Award personally, and that filmmaker is Jacques Perrin for his documentary “Winged Migration.” Moore claims that, besides spending his time creating cinematic controversy, he is also a big bird watching buff and that Perrin deserves this award way more than he ever could.
Read Moore’s words at his official website.

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