By admin | March 23, 1998

“No Looking Back” is the “new” film from writer/director Ed Burns. Its cast includes Burns, Jon Bon Jovi, Lauren Holly and Blythe Danner. The story opens with Charlie (Burns) arriving back home to his small town and trying to reunite with his old girlfriend, Claudia (Holly). Conflict arrises when we learn that Claudia is now living with Burns’ old friend, Michæl (Bon Jovi). Fireworks ensue, curses are exchanged and not a moment too soon, the film ends and, thankfully, the credits roll.
According to my records this is the third time that Ed Burns has
made the very same film. It was cute in “The Brothers McMullen,” getting old in “She’s The One” and just plain unwatchable in this latest incarnation. You will find the biggest problem with the film when you examine its base … Ed Burns. He does not write very compelling, or even believable characters (although “McMullen” had its moments). At no point do you ever believe that someone as cute and smart as Claudia would ever give Charlie the time of day. Burns is also not a good actor, so to make up for his lack of acting talent … he puts himself in every scene. In fact his “cool guy” character is so repulsive that the thought of walking out did cross my mind more than once. (Several people did actually leave the poorly attended screening.)
After viewing this film a realization was reached … Ed Burns has now joined the ranks of such filmmakers as Eric Schæffer. He has become the new “Paulie Shore of Indie Film.”

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