Beginning in [ June, 2001, ] the groundbreaking Nomad Videofilm Festival will pack its bags, and films, and make tracks around the Pacific Coast, with stops in Seattle, Portland, San Francsico, and Berkeley for screenings. This unique touring venue seeks short videos and films, with a maximum length of 15 minutes, of all genres for their 2001 tour. Nomad places a premium on pieces that express “audacity, imagination, and subversive values,” so don’t be shy when submitting.
The drop-dead date for Nomad in [ April 1st ] — one deadline for all films. Selected festival entries can also expect to receive written audience responses from all shows, which will have to serve as award enough since Nomad doesn’t offer cash prizes, certificates, or shiny little trophies. The entry fee is a flat [ $15 ] for all prospective participants. For more on Nomad, including the entry form and their vision statement, see the [ the Nomad Videofilm Festival website. ]

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