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By Felix Vasquez Jr. | July 13, 2007

There’s a brand new photo on 1-18-08.


Survivors in what look like a smoky haze.

A large light seems to be shining down.

The time code is 1-18-08, 12:48A.

The folks on the picture are covering their faces.

Check yourself and fill me in if there are any clues. At this point, there seems to be nothing, unlike the first two.

Until concrete evidence like a picture or truly solid theory arrives, I’ll reduce the entries for a short while. E-mail me if you have something you think notes attention. We’ll also be keeping an eye on
P.S. I’m well aware EthanHaaswasRight has been dismissed as bogus, including similarities with another game site, but it will still be mentioned rarely, since it has been one of the more popular links to the film and was involved with Paramount who ordered the stripping of the videos from Youtube.

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  1. Byron Gillan says:

    Hey, There is a movie poster supposedly for this film here

    Also, another link is here to a story possibly about the monstor(s!!!!) in the film.

  2. Larry says:

    Well, it was fun (in my mind) while it lasted! I do not know how to do this “who is” thing on websites.

    The photo does not seem to tell us much more than that the crisis continues an hour later. The military uniformed man does not seem to be doing anything other than facing the woman in black on the left. He does not seem to be engaged in fighting.

  3. Lazlo says:


    If you look at teh who is for you’ll see it was a proxy set up on July 11th. This site is almost definitely just someone trying to cash in on the hype, and not actually related to the movie.

    On another note, no one has yet posted about the fourth photo that is now up on

    Let the speculation continue…

  4. Larry says:

    Forgive me if this has already been mentioned but there are some interesting clues at (”slusho zoom” being one of the phrases uttered by the donkey on Clues suggest genetic disorder, vaccines, sea creatures, cheese (again), a weapon, and a Japanese movie (about gargantua). There is also hidden text that can be seen when you highlight the suggestive text at the top and drag it down. Finally, there are two different links in the periods at the bottom of the page. I sent an email to the email address here but there is (so far) no autoreply like the slusho site.
    P.S. There is also hidden text at the bottom of the link for hot bath.

  5. Supabee says:

    The woman on the right darker female looks like the female on the right of the guy taking the shot at the party, look at the lips and nose.

  6. BlooToosday says:

    On the second photo where people were talking about seeing a monster/demon/whatever between their heads, I never could see it. Now, when I look at it, the possible monster/demon/whatever is the first thing I notice about the pic. Do you think it’s possible that as time goes by, it’s becoming more pronounced, more visible? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me?

  7. Kyle says:

    “2004 ace” (that’s not all it says there by the way, but I can’t make the rest out)

    I have been watching the trailer and pausing it repeatedly and I finally got a clear shot of what it says above the ACE 2004. It says ZOOM. Also on the slusho site when you hover over one of the link bubble things the horse says “SLUSHO ZOOM!”.

  8. […] The website for J.J. Abrams’ “Cloverfield” has updated once again with a new picture. This one is just as vague and non-committal as its predecessors, showing a couple of women running toward us in the foreground and a couple of guys – one of which appears to be pointing a gun at something in the distance – in the background. The whole thing, as you can see, is hazy and bright, like they’re running through the debris of something. [HT FT] […]

  9. Felix Vasquez Jr. says:

    “2004 ace” (that’s not all it says there by the way, but I can’t make the rest out)

    I know, I can’t make it out, either. I also saw in an article examining the trailer, more writing on a wall that is impossible to read.

  10. BlooToosday says:

    1. On the roof… when they are all running back into the building… on the opposite side of the wall from where it says “2004 ace” (that’s not all it says there by the way, but I can’t make the rest out)… there is what looks like a graffiti drawing of something that looks somewhat suspicious… it looks as though there is some sort of monster or demon drawn in there right beside the door, but my eyes could be playing tricks on me. What do ya think?

    2. To me, in the third picture, it looks as though the two ladies are standing there in the prerequisite “Oh my God! This is so horrible! I can’t believe what I’m seeing!” stance. The time is showing 12:48A (not 12:46A) on my screen.

  11. Timmy B. says:

    Forgot to mention. Messing with the colors on my screen, there’s a reflection in the eyes of the “spliced” faces in the second picture. Can’t make it out though.

  12. Timmy B. says:

    I did some biblical research on from the trend that has been found. Almost all of the corresponding passages are for believing and being saved. Another thing that I’ve been looking for is backlogged reports of people approaching Abrams with a project that since has fallen off the radar, so far nothing. It’s an idea, I’m going to keep looking.
    Oh, and I listened to the trailer really closely, it definitely sounds like they are saying lion.

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