The Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media is fast approaching. From [ October 12th ] to [ October 22nd, 2000, ] the Festival will unveil its 29th edition of challenging, visionary, and groundbreaking multi-genre works, with a unique Festival emphasis on “cinema d’auteur and digital creations.”
At the 1999 event, the Best Feature award went to Claire Denis for “Beau Travail,” and several American works also garnered honors — Anna Thomson for Best Actress in “Sue” and Rebecca Baron for Best Short with “Okay Bye Bye”. The Festival also offers a unique award for best New Media presentation, as well as an audience choice distinction for best piece.
For more Festival information, including upcoming events and tickets, contact:
Montreal International Festival of New Cinema and New Media ^ 3530, boul. Saint-Laurent, Montreal (Quebec) Canada H2X 2V1 ^ Telephone: +1.514.847.9272 – Fax: +1.514.847.0732 ^ [ ]
Or, visit the Festival online at [ the Montreal International Fest website. ]

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