By admin | February 10, 2003

We here at Film Threat are expanding, not only as a website, but as an entire company. This past spring saw us launch the new Film Threat website, which is bringing in more traffic than we’ve ever seen, and now we’re right at the brink of releasing the first wave of Film Threat DVD titles. Starwoids was a test run, and a damn good one if we don’t say so for ourselves, but now we’re getting on the ball to bring you the best in indie film, straight to your DVD players, on a regular basis. More eyes are on us now than ever before, but what does this mean other than that 2003 is going to dominate for us, and you, the Film Threat readers?
It means we need a few good men/women to help us out. We all wear a lot of hats here at Film Threat and we’re looking to add some new blood to help kick off this promising New Year.
INTERNS ^ We’ve always got some, so why not get some school credit and work for Film Threat a few days a week. Hey, there’s no pay for interns, but there are plenty of perks like screening passes, CDs and DVDs and other freebies. You must live in the Los Angeles area, have your own car and be willing to do whatever it takes no matter how humiliating the project. One day you might be covering a big film premiere and the next you might be organizing our video submissions, you just never know. Sounds like this is for you? E-mail us your resume and why you would like to intern for us.
AD SALES/MARKETING ^ We’ve had little luck in this area, and frankly, most of the advertising comes our way pretty easily since there are very few sites like Film Threat, but we’re in need of an ad sales person. This is definitely a part-time position and is commission-based, so if you have the drive and the passion for indie film, express it by dealing with filmmakers and festivals and letting them know what a great deal the Film Threat site is. In addition, this marketing person would work out trade-deals and place ads in festival program guides. Los Angeles-based a must. E-mail us your resume.
DVD PRODUCER ^ We’re seeking a DVD producer to manage all the Film Threat DVD titles we’re releasing in 2003. We’ll be putting out about 2-4 titles monthly, so this person needs good management skills and must be creative as well. Our DVD producer would also be responsible for managing the products on the Film Threat Online Store. Los Angeles-based a must. E-mail us your resume.
NEW WRITERS ^ We need some new writers who are passionate about movies, knowledgeable about film and film history, as well as having a grasp of the English language with good grammar skills. (Ever hear of Strunk & White?) Being that more eyes are on us than ever, we’re also getting more film submissions from indie filmmakers than we’ve ever seen. We’re looking for quality writers who not only have a passion for independent film, but who also get the whole idea behind Film Threat. This is Film THREAT after all. Intelligent writers with a sharp edge are what we’re looking for. Also, it definitely helps if you’re based in Los Angeles. It’s easier to get tapes and DVDs to our writers that way. Basically, it saves us a pretty penny on postage. But if you’re not in Los Angeles and you think you have the chops, let’s see it! ^ We need passionate individuals that will be dedicated to writing quality reviews for indie films sent to our office because they love doing it; just like the people we have writing for us now. And even though there is no payment involved, there’s still the reward of being one of the first to see outstanding films such as, Operation Midnight Climax, and Agent 15. You’ll also get the satisfaction of helping filmmakers into festivals and distribution deals by the reviews that you write. If accepted on board, you’ll be more than a simple “film critic,” you’ll be helping filmmakers’ projects see the light of day. Let me tell you – that’s a damn good feeling.
So let’s see what you’ve got. Send your qualifications, resume, and, if necessary, a couple of film review samples to (E-mail us first for our writer’s guidelines so you can put your review in our preferred format.) Please put the job you are applying for in the subject line of your e-mail. We won’t respond to everyone, sorry, we get way too many submissions, but if you make the initial cut, you’ll hear from us within two weeks for an interview.

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