Bad movies aren’t just for theaters anymore. In this digital age, even stinky shorts get their due thanks to Stinkdance (, a celebration of the crappiest shorts on the web.
This year, Stinkdance named the first winner of their online film festival “The Hole Where CDs Come From,” by Larry Housel of Stow, Ohio. Having repulsed enough Streambox visitors to take home the prize in overwhelming fashion, Housel receives a singing animatronic dead fish as his Stinkdance Grand Prize.
The winning film, an out-of-focus, poorly scripted, directed and acted black and white short all done in one shot, was produced as a “commercial” and sent to a mail order CD company as a form of “payment” for monies owed. The nine other nominees will receive collectible Stinkdance baseball caps as consolation prizes.

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