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By Phil Hall | September 21, 2013

Connecticut filmmaker Chris Hanley directed, co-produced, co-wrote and stars in this amusing no-budget short about the rescue of a young woman from a paranormal state of limbo. Hanley’s gun-toting character dives through a cloudy entrance into another realm, emerging into a warped carnival where he fights off a ridiculously tall killer clown and a monster with a porcine head in order to rescue the appropriately distressed damsel.

Hanley wisely overcomes his production’s deficit of funding with a surplus of offbeat humor: an old lady psychic is played by a man who needs a shave, Hanley’s hero arrives at his destination via a decrepit school bus, and the pig-monster is eliminated with a bottle of acid and the wisecrack, “I like my bacon extra-crispy!” The rescued girl’s reaction to her liberty is particularly timely: as her new freedom sinks in, she happily squeals about having to share her news on Facebook!

Silly? Of course. But it is also quite entertaining – and one can easily hope that Hanley and his collaborators secure more funding for bigger and better endeavors.

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