Apparently the Level 42 spell I cast over the land of ButtRock forbidding any pansy a*s rockers from the 80s to ever see the light of day again has failed because the Nelson twins are back!


Yeah, but it’s not all that bad as the twins Nelson didn’t have anything to do with this return to the public eye. Instead, this is the work of animators Jay Barba and Brian Farrelly and they present us with the Nelson Twins as rock and roll detectives, who travel around in the Nelsonmobile solving mysteries. In this adventure, the Nelsons are abducted by a UFO manned by George Clinton and under attack by that flying saucer we know all too well from the Boston album covers. Can the Neslons help funky old George out? You bet your a*s they can, but enough of my jibber jabber, go watch the short yourself. Funny stuff!

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