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By Michael Ferraro | June 22, 2005

This story begins with a critically ill man lying in a hospital bed, with about 3 months left to live. Knowing his fate, he decides to end his relationship with his girlfriend who is sitting next to his bed. The actor and actress involved play their roles and handle the gloomy subject matter with stern intensity. For a few brief moments, you may actually be touched by their exchange. The first 6 minutes of this short couldn’t be anymore grim in tone and serious in style, you can’t help bust start to wonder what the hell that title means.

Then it happens… a touch after the six minute mark.

You’ve seen it countless times before, when a film destroys itself with that ridiculous (and un-needed) “twist” ending. Most recently, you’ve seen it with “The Village” and “High Tension.” Both films had the potential to be good, the latter could have even been great, but the endings utterly annihilated everything that made them interesting up until that point. “Needle Anus.” also has a ridiculous twist but here, it’s not meant to shock and however odd it seems, for some reason, it couldn’t have worked out any better.

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