Those who want superior film presentation with extensive supplements will be more than satisfied by Trimark’s “Natural Born Killers” package. The disc is essentially a digital repackaging of their excellent 1996 deluxe VHS presentation of Oliver Stone’s original unrated cut of his controversial 1994 satire on media and violence. The same selection of deleted scenes and Stone’s introductions to them are taken directly from the tape version, as is the behind-the-scenes documentary on the film. Added for the disc is a moderately interesting running commentary by Stone, much of whose insights are repeated in the other supplemental materials; and some inventive menus that echo the film’s feverish and frenzied look. As for the film itself, love it or hate it for its content, one must concede that it is nothing short of a technical marvel, and the pristine audio and visual transfer does not in any way diminish Stone’s achievement on that level. Like it or not, “Natural Born Killers” has its place in cinema history, and this disc will help keep that place secure for years to come.

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