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By Admin | May 11, 2006

Those wacky cats over at National Lampoon just keep on plugging away. While most of their new films only get a teeny theatrical distribution, they did a smart thing with their newest flick entitled “Jake’s Booty Call.” They took the film around to college bars, niteclubs and specially made beachfront “drive-in’s.” Many of the screenings took place at hot spots over spring break as well and it’s estimated over 100,000 18-24 year olds saw the flick. Pretty damned smart! “Jake’s Booty Call,” which is also the first full length feature to be made in Macromedia Flash should be on DVD soon and now has a healthy does of drunken word of mouth from a key demographic. Way to go, ‘Poon! Check it out at Jake’s Booty Call>>>

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