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By Mark Bell | March 8, 2014

This review was originally published on December 05, 2013…

Sasha Gransjean’s experimental short film N6-4Q packs a lot of imagery into its two minutes, and is open to multiple interpretations (I still don’t know if I even know what I think about it). There are references to killing animals to use as drugs, and a woman who appears to be turning herself into some sort of digital humanoid is seen wandering a city-scape. Or maybe I’m already projecting an interpretation on the film; how can I not?

Because the film is as short as it is, going back to watch, and re-watch, isn’t a terrible waste of time, though I do think that your gut feeling on this one will be the most valid. While I didn’t immediately recognize a narrative within this so much as identify the pieces, I think it is possible, based on how the short opens, that the film isn’t just showing you someone else’s experience so much as transporting you within it, and trying to inspire an experience in you.

Thus, if it is disorienting to you or I, it is equally as shattered for the person on screen; if that person is there at all. Maybe they represent something about humanity, maybe that’s what the transformed by technology feeling is trying to say? If animal is the drug and technology the result with the strange disorientation in the middle… dammit, I think I broke a blood vessel…

So, yeah, this one can get your brain tied up in knots. It also has quite a few moments that are not for the squeamish (and they sneak up on you). If you want to go on a cinematic trip, give this one a taste and let me know what you think.

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