By Admin | March 24, 2004

If it’s one thing I learned from the “Final Destination” movies is that you can’t mess with Death. Kinda like Texas. F**k with him and you can find yourself in a world of hurt. This short seconds that idea as we find Death carrying out his dirty work, claiming the brutalized and lifeless body of a young woman. Not a bad catch for Death, but there’s a problem here. This young lady wasn’t meant to kick the bucket for several years to come. Not taking kindly to someone meddling in his business, Death hatches a little plan for the woman’s murderer, but first, he calls to tell him about it.

Complimenting this spooky cautionary tale is a sickly look that gives the film the appearance that it was shot on cold, dead skin. The single room set this film takes place in looks like something you would stumble across while playing “Resident Evil.” Swirling camera work and a nightmare inducing soundtrack also make this one an absolute treat for those with morbid tastes.

“My Skin” reveals why you can’t get away with murder and that’s because Death knows where you live.

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