Don and I saw “My Name is Bruce” tonight and… really didn’t like it. It was a work-in-progress, so I’m conflicted about reviewing it because, generally, we don’t review works-in-progress, as it is unfair to a film in an early state of affairs. Of course, the exception is when you see one at a festival, because it is a public screening open for scrutiny. The debate goes on, however, as the film was definitely lacking in effects, proper sound and such, but the plot, the script, the acting… no amount of continued “in-progress” fixing is going to change that so… eh, we’ll see…
Really bummed out, wanted to like it. Campbell was funnier in the intro and Q&A than in the film. Will say this, however, those die-hard Campbell fans will most likely love this movie, even if I think it’s awful. How do I know this? Because a bunch of those fans were at tonight’s screening, laughing at all times, at nothing. Bruce could’ve done 120 minutes of himself reading from a phone book, and these fans would proclaim it genius of the highest order.

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  1. Porter Rossen says:

    it’s on the level of Man With the Screaming Brain, actually reminded me of Alien Apocalpyse. Not funny, bad acting and no gore at all.

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