By Admin | June 23, 2000

“My Left Nut” is an open confessional that goes out to ‘whom it may concern.’ Mike Z is a filmmaker of sorts (he doesn’t say exactly what he’s done, or will do). He has a strong amount of passion for the medium of film. So much so that he’s willing to give up his, well, the title gives you all the needed info. Mike spends an exuberant 13 minutes talking about himself and his enthusiasm for his career. He goes on about how he doesn’t just want publicity, and how he just wants us to really know that he’s serious about his craft. Basically, we get to know how important Mike Z thinks he is. It all leads up to the climax, or anti-climax if you really think about it. Off it goes. We don’t get to actually see it happen — the camera is framed so that the actual snips are down just below the frame. Did I think it was believable? Well, in a word, no. Did I wince while he pretended to do it? I’m a guy, of course I did. I think any dual-nutted male would do the same. I don’t think that makes this a good short film though. Making a guy wince at the thought of someone castrating their own t******e is not an achievement. It’s about as hard as making a puppy look cute.

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