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By Steve Anderson | December 20, 2007

“My Last Confession” is a humorous, child’s-eye look at the, ahem, more interesting practices of the Catholic Church.

Head-coverings, confessions, mortal versus venial sins, Francis the Talking A*s, er, Mule… plenty of issues will be tackled here, and most of them will be pretty funny. Except for an excruciatingly uncomfortable sequence involving “impure acts”…but then, it’s probably been pretty uncomfortable for everyone else who went through a similar sequence at some point in their lives. Which makes me doubly glad I’m not Catholic.

Whether or not “My Last Confession” is an accurate portrayal is actually quite irrelevant. Somewhere, in the millions of Catholics on earth, someone is giving a heartfelt “Amen” to some part of this. I’m sure of it. Though it ends on a less than conclusive note, it still manages to at least spark enough thought to make you wonder.

Call it divine inspiration if you have to, but something here struck a chord with someone. Otherwise, it wouldn’t exist. And while it may not strike a chord with everybody, it should at least strike the funnybone, and that, in its way is good enough.

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