Well guys, my first big Sundance trip with Film Threat is over. I had so much fun seeing movies and just soaking up the atmosphere of Sundance. The Rotten Tomatoes gang was a lot of fun hanging out with (Tim of RT is one crazy guy). I do have to say that I will miss the nachos at the Yarrow Hotel, even though they take forever to get. The thing I won’t miss is how lame the Yarrow was with power outlets and charging for Wi-Fi. So we leave tomorrow night for Los Angeles. Can’t wait for next year since I will no longer be the Rookie, well hopefully. Well until next time guys. -Zack

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  1. nicole says:

    i chilled at the yarrow.. and the nachos did take forever.. way good though!

  2. Phil Hall says:

    I enjoyed reading about the Sundance experience via the blogs. Thanks for sharing them!

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