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By Eric Campos | October 28, 2003

Many of you already know that Film Threat’s very first film, “My Big Fat Independent Movie,” has been in production all this month. Gore told ya he was going to do it. He wasn’t hyping some project that was never going to get off the ground like some people…And for those of you that don’t know anything about this – pay better attention, will ya? Co-written and produced by our own Chris Gore and directed by Walkentalk filmmaker Phil Zlotorynski, “My Big Fat Independent Movie” rips on indie films like Scary Movie spoofs current horror movies…except our movie doesn’t suck. “My Big Fat Independent Movie” skewers everything from Amelie to “Swingers” and beyond. As Gore likes to put it, it’s a “low brow comedy, for the high brow crowd.” What else do you expect from Film Threat?

So now that I’m back from a couple of festivals and production on the film has reached the final stretch, I thought it was time to head over to the set with FT writer Jim Agnew to take a few pictures. And what better day to do pay a visit than during the filming of the bloody death of a bunch of extras? Of course, I got wrangled into the butchery and at the end of the day, I died on an independent film and lived to tell about it.

Eat chicken and die. That sums up the day fairly well. And for those of you who have done extra work before, you know there’s a lot of waiting involved, too. It takes a good amount of patience to be an extra. That and a nice, thick book will do ya just right. And if you can’t read, then getting to know your fellow man may have to do for entertainment.

Called to a warehouse in downtown Los Angeles at 11 on a Saturday morning, about 30 extras gathered to die for Chris Gore. More were hoped for, but the promise of long hours must’ve scared a lot of people off. Like I said, it takes a patient person to be an extra and these 30 people were willing to spend their Saturday afternoon testing that patience.

For the first couple hours of the day, not a whole lot happened on the extras front. Everyone sat around, a few butts were sniffed and little groups were formed. It was like the first day of high school. There were even a couple of cheerleaders and gothics in the crowd. Later that day, they would all be packing heat. Yes, exactly like high school.

Gore found me immediately and filled me in on what’s been happening with the production. I haven’t really spoken with him since the movie began shooting at the beginning of this month, so there was much to discuss. More details about the production will be revealed as Gore posts his set diary to the site. He would’ve had posted a few entries by now, but the craft services table has kept him fairly busy. We’re sure you all understand.

This Big Fat story continues in part two of MY BIG FAT INDEPENDENT DEATH>>>

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