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By Chris Gore | May 24, 2006

Would you ever pay for a nude photo of someone who has never been seen in the buff? content always comes from a movie, TV show or video. We don’t put pics from paparazzi, magazines, or modeling shoots at the site. For my personal collection… now that’s another story.

What do you think of the mountain of “fake” nude pics of celebs on the web? Do you frown upon this practice? I mean, how else we are going to see Jennifer Anniston’s boobs!

I am against celebrity fakes in any form. The entire allure of seeing a star naked is just that: seeing THAT star naked. I also can’t stand breast implants. And retro-fluffy muffage beats the modern baldy trend by a LOT of hairs.

At what level does a celebrity have to achieve to get a listing on Mr. Skin?

Any level. Our goal is to chronicle ALL female nudity in the history of film.

You’re like the Indiana Jones of nudity — tracking down priceless treasures and revealing them for the world to enjoy — can you recount for us some of your most outrageous adventures?

I have Skin Skouts scattered about the globe who do most of the dirty work in terms of tracking down physical materials. I’m more like Charlie and those guys are my Angels.

Your Anatomy Awards is respected by critics worldwide, hailed by and even came close to winning a Nobel Prize. Okay, not really, but it’s tremendously respected here at Film Threat! Can you tell us what gave you this idea?

I imagine the Anatomy Awards grew out of the same impulse that created the Academy Awards and critics’ year-end Ten Best lists. I just wanted to salute the previous 12 months’ finest skinchievements in the naked arts and sciences. Only, with me, it’s a one-armed salute.

Tell us some of your past Anatomy Award controversies?

By far, the biggest controversy occurred just this year. I named Jessica Alba’s cheek-tastic underwater scene from Into the Blue as Best Buns. Now Jessica is wearing a bikini bottom in this scene. This was the first time I had ever awarded the a*s trophy to an actress who wasn’t fully exposing buttcrack. It was a tough call, but I think Jessica’s flawless fanny was the seat-meat to beat last year — and nobody else came close.

How does one achieve the honor of “just being nominated”?

It’s purely a judgment call. If an actress gets my gavel banging, she makes the list for consideration.

You’ve appeared on the Howard Stern show many times, can you relate some detail we’d never guess? Something behind the scenes that might surprise us?

The rumors are true: Howard is the greatest guy you could ever imagine working with, both on the air and off.

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