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By Rory L. Aronsky | November 17, 2003

The real shame about “Mr. Happydough” is that there’s no one to give credit to for this great parody of the famous Pillsbury Doughboy, who sometimes deserves more than a poke, maybe a fist straight through the stomach.
Lit to look like one of those Pillsbury commercials, it involves a mother whose children are satisfied with the cookies she’s made. Unfortunately, as she finds out, there’s no milk and it’s no time at all before she turns into a cigarette-smoking psycho Mom, wondering who the hell left an empty carton in the fridge and no milk for the cookies. The kids deny it, and then all eyes turn to Mr. Happydough, who pleads his case by saying that there’s no way he could have drank it. Oh well. Family: 1, Mr. Happydough: 0.
In the past, on websites and such, there have been parodies of the Pillsbury Doughboy and even some ranting against him. But for it to pan out to this is even better, if only to see Psycho Mom in action, courtesy of an actress who looks kind of ridiculous at first in her curiosity as she turns away from the fridge, but becomes quite convincing as a pan is rubbed with butter and Happydough’s imminent doom is planned.
However, “Mr. Happydough” really needs to see the light of the Internet either on, or I’m more than positive that there are plenty of people who would love to watch this and imagine the Pillsbury Doughboy in Happydough’s situation.

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