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By Film Threat Staff | November 15, 2001

On November 15th, Moxie!/Santa Monica International Film Festival director Albert de Quay resigned with a heavy heart. His very personal note to friends and the industry at large ends with a plea to continue the great work his festival began. His resignation letter says it all:
Dear friends and colleagues:^ It is with great sadness that I have decided to resign my position as director of Moxie!/Santa Monica International Film Festival. The five years since I created this organization have been truly exhilarating and challenging. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a member of the independent film community and have worked hard to produce a sincere and very diversified series of year-round events, including the monthly X-Series, workshops, Alternative Nights, Outdoor Summer Series and of course our annual accolade The Moxie! Awards. Our objective throughout was simple: to not only entertain but to educate as well.
I have found Los Angeles to be a vibrant and exciting place in which to be a young adult. However it has less to offer young couples who want to invest in a community, start families, and build a sense of home. I desire to return to a better adjusted environment, one where I can follow my path through my adult life in a place with more open land, clean air, and a stronger sense of community and friendliness.
I leave at a delicate moment in the history of film, for since September 11th Hollywood will have to consider new directions, while also assuming social responsibility for the kind of entertainment it releases. I sincerely hope it’s able to reinvent itself and perhaps finally allow more independent filmmakers and ideas to contribute to that end.
In the next couple of weeks I will be considering various organizations (or individuals) to immediately take over the festival. I hope you will lend them the same support you have lent me over the years. I thank each and every one of you from the bottom of my heart and bid you all farewell. Remember: Filmmaking is an Art, not a business.
Yours Truly, ^ Albert de Quay ^ Founder/Director^ 3000 West Olympic Blvd. ^ Santa Monica CA 90404
For more info, e-mail Albert or visit the Moxie web site.

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