Just realized that all three flicks I’m going to see today are playing not only at the same theater, the Angelika, but also the same SCREEN. Perhaps they’ll let me move into my special seat or something for the day.

What I am most looking forward to, and this is just a fat man’s lament, is getting some food, even if it be soda and popcorn. I haven’t eaten since yesterday morning (slept through the plane ride’s leavings), and most places around the W are a bit too expensive for my wallet right now. I was hoping for some appetizers at the Public Enemy party last night, but to no avail. F**k beans!

Oh, check out the right sidebar: I’ve been leaving Twitter updates as my day’s have gone on, and they will appear on the side there. Just more stream-of-consciousness mini-blogging for when I can’t actually sit down to type out a full blog like this one. Oh, and here’s some more pics from last night:

2008 AFI Dallas HQ, showing “Back to the Future” on the outside screens

Oh, Marty McFly…

Inside of the Filmmakers’ Lounge

Professor Griff working the crowd participation at the PE show

Chuck D, through the haze

Chuck dropping knowledge

He’s just punching the air, not the crowd

Back in the crowd, away from the front

All the way in the back

Trevor Groth and friends loved them some Public Enemy!

How the evening ends: Versatile watches as Jeff interviews Chuck D

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  1. Man Mark. Paint me jealous.

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