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By Film Threat Staff | November 24, 2000

Keanu Reeves has a band, and that band is Dogstar, and Dogstar took a lot of dog poo when they burst onto the indie music scene several years ago. But the lads have grown up a bit, and seeing that Keanu fits that hyphenate “rock star-actor” bill rather well now, he gets to host the Independent Film Channel’s “Indie Rocks Festival,” which will air from [ November 24th ] on through to [ December 1st, 2000 ] .
The IFC line-up is decidedly indie punk without being obvious: sure-shot classics like “Sid and Nancy” and “Tommy” take care of the music angle, while “Welcome to the Dollhouse” and “All Over Me” scream youth gone wild. The above, plus “Lost Highway,” “Stranger than Paradise,” “Clerks,” and more make the Fest a winner. See the schedule at [ the Independent Film Channel site. ]

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