Who has time, not to mention ticket cash, to sit around and watch every decent movie out there — from the must-see classics to the most recent box office giant to whatever else looks interesting. And how often can you actually rely on friends to give you more than the basic, “It’s good/It’s crap” breakdown. And critics? If “obliquely sullen yet austere” means something to you, then read on, but sometimes you want the actual gist of a movie without wading through b.s. commentary or spending two to three hours in a dark theater.
That’s where Movie-A-Minute comes in. They’ve taken the scripts for dozens and dozens of films, everything from “Die Hard” to “Frankenstein” to “Analyze This,” and given them the tongue-in-cheek reducing treatment. As follows, the one-minute “From Dusk ‘Till Dawn”:
[ Quentin Tarantino: ] I’m so messed up.
[ George Clooney: ] I like you, but shut up. Harvey Keitel, help us.
[ Harvey Keitel: ] I’ll help, but with righteous indignance.
[ Robert Rodriguez: ] That’s enough character development. Now mow down these vampires. ^ THE END
Begin your search at [ the Movie-A-Minute site. ]

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