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By Film Threat Staff | September 1, 2004

Marty Sader’s Most High has been made an official selection at the 12th annual Hamptons Film Festival.

Abandoned by a drug addicted parent, Julius lives his adult life as a counselor at a clinic for the developmentally challenged. He excels at his job, but it’s all because he’s trying to plug a void he feels in his life. But when that plug is yanked, in the form of his girlfriend leaving him, his being dismissed from his job and the death of Jack, the man who raised him in the place of his real father, Julius is left grasping at…well…nothing, his security completely yanked from underneath him. Enter Erica, Jack’s estranged daughter with a penchant for powdering her nose if you catch my meaning. Julius foolishly falls for Erica and his void is filled once again – part sex, most drugs.

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