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By Admin | February 19, 2000

Sometimes, everything can seem perfect, only to have the tiniest unforeseen event screw things up. Such is the case for the woman (Liane Forestieri) in Frieder Wittich’s cute comedy “Mosquito.” Alluringly dressed in a casual “come hither” bathrobe and with the champagne on ice, all seems perfectly in place when her target mate (Michæl Mærtens) comes calling. Unfortunately for her, however, a possessive mosquito seems to have its multi-faceted eyes on her. The pesky pest embarks on a series of dive bombing runs on her flustered guest, distracting him from her subtly displayed charms and generally making him look like an idiot in her eyes. When the bloodsucking intruder lands on the skeptical woman’s cheek, he helpfully slaps her, which pretty much kills the mood. With its human competitor successfully driven away, the mosquito finds himself all alone with the red-blooded woman of its dreams, free to embark on the kamikaze duty that it lives for. “Mosquito” gets a lot of mileage out of its strikingly simple premise. The film is at its best when it falls back on the inventive camera work and filter that (probably inaccurately) simulates the mosquito’s POV. Even though things don’t exactly work out between this aspiring couple, the woman should take heart. If all it takes is a little mosquito to prevent the magic of love, then these two weren’t meant for each other in the first place.

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