By Darrin Keene | October 3, 2002

Scottish director Lynne Ramsay has taken a giant leap from her debut feature “Ratcatcher.” “Morvern Callar,” based on Alan Warner’s novel of the same name, is an amazing audio-visual experience.
Morvern (Samantha Morton) comes home to discover that her boyfriend has committed suicide. He’s left behind a manuscript on his computer, a list of potential publishers and a mix-tape of songs. They become the catalysts for an amazing transformation within Morvern. Ramsay slowly unearths the story with minimal dialogue, relying instead on Morton’s nonverbal acting skills and the music piping through her earphones. This is clearly a film for those who prefer the subtle nuances of sight and sound. The last scene is a stunning combination of light, Morton’s enigmatic facial expressions and the oh-so-revelatory music.
Warp Records is releasing the soundtrack, which includes tracks from the Velvet Underground, Can, Boards of Canada and Aphex Twin.

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